Title File Type
BotswanaPost Revised 2020 Tariffs PDF icon BotswanaPost Revised 2020 Tariffs.pdf Other
Standards File FINAL STANDARD.xlsx Other
Press Release: UPU Letter-Writing Competition 2020 PDF icon UPU Letter-Writing Competition 2020 - Press Release.pdf Other
UPU Invitation Letter to Schools 2020 PDF icon UPU Invitation Letter to Schools 2020.pdf Other
Rules of the International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2020 PDF icon Rules of the International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2020.pdf Other
Entry Form UPU Letter Writing Competition 2020 - National Level PDF icon Entry Form UPU Letter Writing Competition 2020 - National Level.pdf Forms
Delivery Standard File delivery_standard.xlsm Other
Change Request Form PDF icon change_request_form_website.pdf Forms
Amalgamation FAQs PDF icon AMALGAMATION.pdf Other
DSTV FAQs PDF icon DSTV.pdf Other
Mail Box FAQs PDF icon MAIL BOX.pdf Other
Prepaid Electricity FAQs PDF icon Prepaid Electricity FAQs.pdf Other
Service Measurement Tool FAQs PDF icon SERVICE MEASUREMENT TOOL.pdf Other
BotswanaPost Financial Results 2018/2019 PDF icon 2018_19 BotsPost_Annual Report (2).pdf Annual Reports
UPU International Letter-Writing Competition Entry Form PDF icon Entry Form UPU Letter Writing Competition - National Level.pdf Forms
New Customer Information Form PDF icon New-Customer-Information-Form.pdf Forms
Customer Terms and Conditions File Customer_Terms_and_Conditions___Final.docx Other
Annual Report 2018 PDF icon 201718 BotsPost_Annual Report.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2017 PDF icon 2017_BotswanaPost_ Annual_Report.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2016 PDF icon BotswanaPost Annual Report 2016 (online).pdf Annual Reports
Charlene Tlagae's UPU Winning Letter PDF icon Charlene Tlagae - winning letter.pdf Other
Osego Bampei 2014 Competition Local Winner PDF icon osegobampei-How music can touch lives.pdf Other
Newsletter 2009/10 PDF icon botswana_post_newsletter09_edited.pdf Other
Mogorosi 2nd Quarter 2010 PDF icon botspost_mogorosi_newsletter.pdf Other
Mogorosi 1st Quarter 2011 PDF icon 2011 NEWSLETTER DRAFT4.pdf Other
Mogorosi Newsletter 2013 Journey to Excellence PDF icon mogorosi_newsletter.pdf Other
Annual Report 2008/09 PDF icon botspost_report09_final.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2010 PDF icon botspost_annual_report2010.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2011 PDF icon botswanapost_annualreport2011.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2012 PDF icon annual_report_2012.pdf Annual Reports
Annual Report 2013 PDF icon Botspost AR13.pdf Annual Reports
2015 Annual Report PDF icon Annual Report 2015.pdf Annual Reports