PosoMoney Card-to-Wallet: Any Bank Any Card

Following closely on the launch of the BotswanaPost innovative mobile money solution, PosoMoney in April 2019, BotswanaPost is proud to announce the value added feature of PosoMoney Card-to-Wallet. The PosoMoney card-to-wallet facility allows PosoMoney users to top-up their account using any debit/credit card.    True to our drive to enhance our digital offering through our E-services, we are on the pursuit on how to continuously improve our service provision through our online platforms. The PosoMoney Card-to-Wallet facility we are introducing is testament to this. Through this feature, PosoMoney users are able to manage their PosoMoney account and credit their wallets by linking them directly from any bank account. Customers will do this through PosoOnline, which is accessible at www.botspost.co.bw. This is in addition to the current top-up method of using a registered PosoMoney Agent, or via the Post Office.    PosoMoney is a mobile money solution that works on any phone and any network and allows customers to cash-in, cash-out, pay bills, transact prepaid services and send money to any mobile number on any local network.