Postal Boxes

Premier Boxes

Receive mail and store your valuables, Premier Boxes are a safer way to store valuable possessions and important documents such as wills, property deeds, birth certificates etc. that need protection from theft, tampering with or any other security reasons. The box can only be opened with an assigned key or a code. Only the owner and designated person can open the safe mail box, not even BotswanaPost representatives.

Post Boxes

A traditional physical infrastructure service intended for individuals, offering personalized accesses to direct mail sent to your own Post Box, ensuring privacy and convenience. These could be bank statements, personal letters.

Private Bag

For medium and large businesses, parastatals and government, this is the ideal way to receive your mail and ensure confidentiality and security of your mail items.
Simply apply for a Private Bag at the Post Office and collect your mail later. Only a designated person in your company has access keys to your bag.
Private bags are suitable for organizations that receive large volumes of mail, they are secure and confidential and options are available for delivery of your Private Bag mail to your business premises at a nominal fee.